Slay your clients brows the Zakia way. This permanent makeup wand comes with a lithium battery and an AC/DC adapter. It can last for upto two hours and works efficiently. The wand has adjustable speed and works without making too much noise. The needles are crafted using aluminum alloy and are used by makeup artists all over the world. Lightweight and functional best describes this tattoo machine. This wand allows you to hit ALL angles on your clients brows creating a flawless look instantly! Why do we call it a wand ? Because a wand also known as a stick or rod is thought to have magical properties held by a magician, fairy or conjuror and is used to cast spells or perform magic tricks. I feel like all Brow Artist are magicians and we definitely perform magic lol.



  • Needles made from aluminium alloy
  • Wireless pen that works on lithium battery or AC/DC adapter
  • Speed varies from 8000 to 1600 RPM
  • Suitable for permanent makeup.

Professional Wireless PMU Wand

Machine Colors